Collection: Think Pink | Japan Sakura CraftArts



Sakura Cherry Tree

When it comes to pink, the magical beauty of the Japanese Sakura tree is one of nature's best. Imagine a conopy of pink lace against a blue sky. This is what most of us will see in a grassy spot underneath a cherry tree in spring. But ask a craftartist, and you will hear about much more!  This tree, also gifts an abundance of natural materials for many Japanese traditional and contemporary fine crafts and designs. This collection is still growing so please stay tuned!

Colored By Pink Light

For pink that is cutting-edge, think titanium! Perhaps that is not the first word to pop into your head, but in Japan, precision techology has made neon pink metal possible....and all done though the amazing magic of light - no dye, or paint for pink, pastel cocktail tumblers - antibacterial titanium material keeps it cold, as well.