Collection: Japan | Traditional Satiny Urushi (Lacquer) | Bangles & Earring Sets


Urushi-Blue-Earrings-Bangle-Japan-Traditional-CraftArtUrushi | Japan’s Other Pearl
- It could be called Japan's OTHER pearl because Urushi (lacquer) Jewelry glows with the same tender, satiny warmth and luster as its friend from the sea.

So, What IS Urushi? 

Urushi Lacquer Earrings Japan

Urushi (lacquer) is both a rare and lustrous coating material and a traditional craftArt of Japan that is now contemporized.  As a material, and as a craftArt, Urushi lacquer can trace roots back as far as 10,000 years to prehistoric times. 

As a material, Urushi is the all-natural, milky, syrupy, and toxic sap from the Urushi tree - a tree indigenous to Asia.

As a craftArt, Urushi sap provides an incredibly durable surface coating yet is able to transform any object with its warm, lustrous glow -  the signature aesthetic qualitiy of this elegant craftArt - into an object of beauty. Unlike the harsh reflection of some jewelry metals, Urushi gifts a quiet, shimmering, pearl-like appearence to all it embraces, placing it in an aesthetic category of its own. 

Rie Sakamoto Designer of Urushi Lacquer Traditional Contemporary CraftArt

Designer, Rie Sakamoto, creates original earring- bangle pairs vivid yellow, blue and burgundy. Hailing from a historically significant area for Urushi Japanese Lacquer, Urushi Sakamoto studio has been creating new lacquareware for contemporary life. The warmth of Urushi Earrings and Bangles match with any fashion.

Urushi CraftArt is designated by the Japanese government as a Traditional Craft of Japan.

Mix and match the bangles and colors as you desire! A gift from Japan of traditional value and contenporary flair.