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Maito | Japan

Sakura-Pink Silk Scarf | Botanical Dye | Japan

Sakura-Pink Silk Scarf | Botanical Dye | Japan

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Sakura Silk Stole | Pink Botanical Dye

Japan Cherry - Sakura Pink Blossom and Pink Silk Stole Around Models Shoulders

This rare Sakura-Pink, Hand-Dyed Whisper Stole gets its gentle, 100% botantical pink color from one source and one source alone:  from Japan's acclaimed Sakura Cherry Tree!

In Japan, the pink bloom of the Sakura (cherry) Tree signals the arrival of spring. Yet generation after generation of plant-dye artist tried, and failed, to extract the delicate pink dye from the tree itself many instead "creatively" substituting other dyes to mimic the pink hue.

Dye artists gave up trying to extract the rare dye from the tree itself - until now.

The Rare Discovery | Pink Dye

Mr. Maito Plant Dye Artist Japan with Background of Colorful Silk Stoles

Maito Design Works, (Mr. Maito here) together with Yumezaiku Dye Studio (Mr. Komuro), are the first in Japan to reliably produce this soft Sakura Pink using 100 Percent material from the Sakura tree itself.  But it was not easy to find and only over the course of years and a dedication to true craftmasnhsip would the Sakura Pink Dye finally be found. The breezy pink was finally discovered quietly resting in an unlikely and curious little place in the tiny twigs closest to the maturing cherry buds. To extract the color, the twigs are gathered just before the cherry tree flowers bloom in the early spring.  These twigs are then put through a lengthy process where they are repetitively simmered and cooled, for up to 40 days.  This resulting solution is then further aged sometimes almost up to another ninety days.The silk Whisper scarf is then hand-dyed by experienced, Japanese dye artisans to achieve the extraordinary natural Sakura Pink color.

Product Details/Care

  • Material: Silk
  • Size: about 40 X 180cm
  • Hand-dyed: the scarf is individually with natural, 100 percent dye from the Sakura Tree
  • Color Variations: May have some slight variations from scarf to scarf and from photos here
  • Wash: Hand wash, mild soap, lukewarm water
  • Dry: Natural dry out of the direct sunlight
  • Gift Box: white gift box included as seen in photos
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