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Ikebana Teal Handcrafted Table Vase

Ikebana Teal Handcrafted Table Vase

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The Patina of Orii Teal Blue

The simple elegance of the traditional, Japanese Ikebana single-stem table vase, takes on a new, contemporary twist with the signature patina color, Orii Teal Blue, from Momentum Orii studio.  Each and every vase is individually colored through the creativity of trained metal coloring craftArtists ensuring that every vase is truly a one-of-a-kind object.

Meet the Metal Coloring CraftArtist

Momentum Orii studio, located in Takaoka City, a traditional stronghold of copper craftwork since 1611, was long in the business of coloring Buddha statues and other temple wares.

Now, third generation patina craft-artisan, and studio owner, Koji Orii, and his talented team of metal-coloring artisans, seek to invigorate the craft with new techniques and methods, and new objects.  While still heavily relying on the on passed-down traditional Japanese metal-coloring (patinization) techniques, Orii and his team have also innovated new coloring "recipies" with colors to appeal to today's styles.

Patina of a Different Color - Only Japan

One method, with traditional roots, is still practiced today but with very contemporary results. In this method, craftArtists apply a paste of rice bran - a fermented paste used in Japan for making pickles.  This application creates the amazingly modern and unique, mottled pattern on the Teal Handcrafted Table Vase.  Momentum Orii and his team still remain the only studio in the world to be producing these unique colors and patterns on Japanese table vases for contemporary life.

Product Details/Care:  

Note:  Due to the nature of the high-end, craft-making processes at Momentum studio, individual products may contain some color variations and qualities from product to product and from the digital photos here.

Material:  Copper
Size:  H260 x W42 x W42 mm. (In inches, approximately H10 x W1.6 x D1.6 inches). 
Weight:  450g. 
Care:  Wipe gently with a dry, soft cloth.  
Gift Box:  Comes in a lovely wooden gift box.

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