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Sakamoto | Japan

Satiny Urushi | Poppy Red Pierced Earrings

Satiny Urushi | Poppy Red Pierced Earrings

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Blooming Poppies on a Hillside in Chichibu Japan

(Poppies on a hillside in Japan)

The Poppy Red of Urushi

Designer Rie Sakamoto Sitting With a Tray of Red Urushi Jewelryjoyful festival of color blossoms on these satiny Urushi Poppy Red Pierced Earrings like the fifteen million poppies blooming on this hillside in Japan!  Designed by Rie Sakamoto (pictured here), of Urushi Sakamoto Studio, these pearl-drop earrings are lightweight and full of brilliant color with a soft, luxurious sheen - the hallmark features of authentic Urushi lacquer. Makes an amazing gift or souvenir from Japan.

What is Urushi Lacquer?

As one of Japan's world-renowned traditional crafts, Urushi, sometimes also known as Japanese lacquer, comes from a versatile, natural sap of the Urushi tree, a native tree to Asia. The use of this amazing lustrous sap in Japan dates back 7000 years to the prehistoric Jomon period so as a material and a craft there are few that can compare! You can read more about that HERE

In its raw, sappy form, it is sticky - making it a great adhesive - yet once dried, it is hard, durable and even waterproof.  Urushi's extreme longevity in the Japanese culture maybe due to its many practical applications, but is also certainly due to its amazing and lasting aesthetic appeal - a beautiful and alluring, high luster and a soft, luxurious and gentle glow.  It is perhaps these characteristics that have long inspired creativity beyond practical uses and put Urushi on par with other jewelry material such as gold, silver and gem stones.   

How Poppy Red Earrings Shine

The process from raw, natural Urushi (urushiol) from the tree to a beautiful piece of jewelry, is a long one with many steps and details -- including those that have been practiced and handed down generations!  However, simply, to achieve Urushi's signature satiny glow on Poppy Red Earrings, craft artists at Urushi Sakamoto Studio apply and dry, fifteen layers of refined Urushi sap starting with layers of jet-black Urushi and then applying Urushi with poppy red pigment. Silver powder is applied during the process further adding design and shine. Finally, the earrings are sealed twice with urethane resin. Your can read more about the detailed process  on the collection page HERE.  

Product Details | Care 

  • Approximate length|width: 2.8cm x 1cm
  • Material:  Dogwood | Pearl-drop Shape
  • Color:  Poppy Red
  • Surface: Authentic, Natural, Urushi Lacquer | Sealed with Urethane Resin
  • Weight: (1 earring): 0.8g
  • Hardware: titanium, rhodium-plated, or gold-colored brass
  • Care: Wipe with a soft, dry cloth
  • Jewelry | Gift Box: The designer earrings come in a lovely case and gift box.  
  • Please Note:  Due to the nature of the high-end-craft-making processes, individual products may vary slightly in color (from our website photos and one from another) and other product qualities.

An Orange Moon From Japan

Orange-Moon Silk Stole of Pure Natural Plant Dye by Maito Design Works

If you're looking for a match with Poppy Red earrings try Orange Moon Stole!  Like Urushi, textile dyeing has a long, traditional history in Japan dating back at least 2000 years.  This natural Orange Moon Silk Scarf/Stole by Maito Design Works studio is 100% all natural plant dye on 100% "whisper" silk.   You can view this, other natural-dye stoles and read more about it  HERE.

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