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Wild Sakura (Cherry) Bark Tea Caddy | Japan

Wild Sakura (Cherry) Bark Tea Caddy | Japan

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Wild Cherry Trees (Sakura) in Japan

CraftArt of the Samurai

When the Japanese Cherry tree blossoms, it seems it's only human nature to want to invite that pink beauty closer and into the home! And for some creative handcraft artists in Akita, Japan, it was the lovely, redish bark of wild cherry growing deep in the mountains that centuries ago led to the craftArt known as "kabazaiku." 

Though this craft initially was the handicraft of samurai to supplement their incomes in times of peace, over the many hundreds of years it grew in popularity as an artistic expression of nature revered.  In 1976 was officially certified as a "traditional craft of Japan" through the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.  Today, artists continue to create and design contemporary objects, like this Wild Sakura Bark Tea Caddy, using the many passed-down skills.

Japanese Contemporary Cherry Bark Tea Caddy at NightEco-Friendly Craft

The craft and process is eco-friendly and no tree are felled as craft-artisans only use a thin, surface layer of bark that grows again. There are many techniques of the art depending on the object, but to make the tea caddy, in brief, the artist wraps a prepared paper-thin layer of bark around a cylindrical and adhere to the tea base using special, non-chemical glue and a handmade heated trowel. Then the craftartist firmly presses and smoothes this bark layer over and over again. It is then repeatedly polished to bring out the sheen and the natural beauty of the Sakura bark pattern.  A tea caddy is born.

A Bit of Poetry in Connection...


The connection between the tea caddy and the tea sipper begins at that moment of intention - a cup of tea. The tea caddy holding and preserving tea leaves, keeping them fresh at the ready to bring about the perfect cup of tea.

It starts by setting out the tea caddy and modern cup. It flows and continues with a kettle whistle and some curly steam.  And from the tea caddy, a bit of green leaves.  The caddy sitting on the table now, a handmade, craftArt object to enjoy with the bit of tea.  Were it not for the tea sipper, the tea caddy would have no meaning.  Were it not for the caddy, the tea sipper would have no tea. The connection between tea caddy and tea sipper complete.

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