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Shimakura | Japan

Limited Edition: Hand-hammered Copper Coffee-Bean Canister | Blue Patina

Limited Edition: Hand-hammered Copper Coffee-Bean Canister | Blue Patina

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Japan | Contemporary Hand-Hammered Coffee Bean Canister

This hand-hammered coffee bean canister in earthy blue patina is one of a kind. Hand-hammered and sculpted into shape, a base, a lid, a finely dimpled copper bean scoop, is an exceptional and thoughtful gift for the true lover of coffee and lover of fine, craft art!

Meet the Master Craftman

Master Shimakura Copper Artisan Japan

Working from a family studio quietly nestled in the rice fields of Niigata, Japan, Master Copper Artisan, Masayuki Shimakura, draws encouragement from the deep historical roots of the area where metal work began in the Edo Period (1603), and where hand-hammering (Tsuiki) advanced from 1868. Mr. Shimakura relies heavily on those traditional techniques handed down generations, and his own hard-won mastery, to now create objects that complement modern life.   

Shimakura hammering a copper object

How Copper CraftArt is Made

Blow after blow, strike after strike, up to several hundred thousand times, the Master Craftsman meticulously hand hammers a single sheet of copper to produce the signature dimpled pattern and sculpt it into form.  The Master uses a variety of handmade tools - hammers, mallets, holding legs - tools that are completely distinct to this handicraft.  Throughout this long process, the object is repeatedly heated in a furnace to soften the hardening copper and facilitate hammering. To finish and smooth, the Master applies various traditional and modern coloring techniques to create the dark, bluish patina on the surface.  The canister is then sealed with lacquer and signed by the artist.

How to Order

PREORDER/INQUIRY:  To inquire or order, simply click PREORDER above, leave a name and message and we will contact you right away. : )  Master Shimakura may have several at the studio but also does work-to-order.     

Product Details | Care  

Due to the nature of the high-end, one-at-a-time, craft-making processes, individual products may vary slightly in color (from our website photos and one from another) and in other product qualities.

Size:  Holds about 200g of beans and includes scoop.
Outside Diameter: 100 × H 110mm. 
Weight:  510g.
Material: Copper outside; canister base is lined with tin for ease of daily use. 
Care:  The lacquer coating helps prevent tarnish, and for best care, wash by hand with water only or a non-alkaline dish soap. Dry and buff often with a soft cloth. (do not use any scouring pads).

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