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Shimakura | Japan

Japan | CraftArtist Hammered Copper Vase | Mountain View Blue

Japan | CraftArtist Hammered Copper Vase | Mountain View Blue

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 A Master Japanese Craftsman

Master Copper Hand-Hammer Artist Mr. Shimakura of Japan

Almost nothing can compare to the amazing hand work of a true Japanese Master.  And this contemporary Mountain View Blue Copper Vase shows the Master’s long hours with the signature dimpled pattern of a hand-hammered craft object. Its striking blue patina finish clearly reveals the skills of this trained artisan, a skilled craftsman, and his deep commitment and dedication to handmade quality and contemporary design.

Meet Japan Master Copper Artisan, Masayuki Shimakura.  Master Shimakura works from his family studio among the rice fields of Niigata, Japan.  This area also has deep historical roots with metal work starting from the Edo Period (1603), and where hand-hammering (Tsuiki-douki) craft took off in ernest from about 1868. He relies heavily on those traditional techniques learned in this area many of which acquired from appreticing his own father alao a Master craftsman. These learned-techniques, combined with his own hard-won mastery, encouraged Master Shimakura to now produce contemporary metal work that complement modern life – thereby adding new energy and new life to a traditional Japanese craft. 

How it is made - with lots of rhythm

Blow after blow, strike after strike, up to several hundred thousand times, the Master Craftsman meticulously, and rhythmically hand hammers a single sheet of copper producing the signature dimpled pattern of hand work as he sculpts and "shrinks" the Mountain View Blue Vase into form.  Throughout this long process, the the Masster will use a variey of handmade hammering tools and holding devices to work the product.  The copper object will also be repeatedly heated in an extremely hot furnace to make the copper more malleable for shaping, and soaked in water. This long hammer process will not only shape the object, but also bring out the shine on its surface. 

To finish and smooth, Shimakura applies various traditional and modern techniques to create the dark, bluish patina on the surface.  The Ikebana vase is then sealed with lacquer and signed by the artist.

How to Order

PREORDER/INQUIRY:  To inquire or order, simply click PREORDER above, leave a name and message and we will contact you right away.  Master Shimakura may have several at the studio but also does work-to-order.     

Product Details/Care

Outer diameter: 165 × H 160mm.
Weight: 496g.   
Material: Copper.  The outside lacquer coating helps prevent tarnish
Care:  Please wash by hand with water only or a non-alkaline dish soap. Dry and buff often with a soft cloth (do not use any scouring pads or abrasives). 
Note:  Your one-of-a-kind hand-hammered product may differ in color and other qualities from digital photos here.

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