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Bright Sunny Yellow Silk Scarf On Model with White Shirt
Sunny-Yellow Silk Scarf | Pure Plant Dye
Bright Yellow Silk Scarf Folded near a Red Pocketbook
Close Up of Delicate Yellow Silk Stole against the Blue Sky
White Gift Box for Yellow Silk Stole -Scarf with Alfan Select Shop Label
Alfan Select Label on White Gift Box for Stole
Maito | Japan

Sunny-Yellow Silk Scarf | Pure Plant Dye

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All Plant Dye

- Japan is the land of the rising sun. And if that brilliant color could be captured in silk, it would look much like this Sunny-Yellow Silk Stole.

Part of the amazing Whisper Series, this hand-dyed, bright yellow scarf gets its color only from plants!  Unlike some other plant-dye studios who rely on chemical dyes to artificially "enhance" mother nature's colors, Maito Design Works and Yumezaiku Dye Studio, remain true-to-craft using only 100% natural ingredients – ingredients of the earth!  This 100% silk scarf is a creative three-layer design:  a layer of thin, delicate bright, silk threads that are “floating” between two more layers of silk material giving this graceful stole a light, whispery look. 

Dedication to the Craft

Mr. Maito Plant-Dye Artisan of Japan with Colorful Silk

It all starts with a recipe.   A recipe that combines human ingenuity with the ingredients of the earth:  twigs, buds, bark leaves, grasses, roots. A recipe to capture nature’s life force in vivid color.  Bringing nature’s vivid colors to life is what makes Maito Design Works (Mr. Maito pictured here), together with Yumezaiku Dye Studio, unique.  Though Japan’s hand-dye culture may invoke images of earthy hues, Japan's historical Nara and Heian Periods (710-1185) were rich in colors. Today, a renewed interest in Japan's vivid, colorful past motivates contemporary, plant-dye artisans of today to revive and experiment with the bright colors of the earth.

Product Details/Care

  • Material: 100% Silk
  • Size: about 40 X 180cm
  • Hand-dyed: the scarf is individually with natural, 100% pure plant dyes
  • Color Variations: Due to the nature of hand-dyeing with natural ingredients, the scarf may have some slight color variations from scarf to scarf and from photos here
  • Wash: Hand wash, mild soap, lukewarm water
  • Dry: Natural dry out of the direct sunlight
  • Gift Box: white gift box included as seen in photos
Product Code: MS0103

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