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Sparkle Tumbler | Blue - Pink Couple Set

Sparkle Tumbler | Blue - Pink Couple Set

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Sparkle Tumbler Set - Color From Light! 

- How is it possible to color only with light?  That's a mystery that involves both material and ingenuity! The material, titanium.  The ingenuity?  Read on!

The vibrant colors of the Sparkle Tumbler Set come only from light itself! No surface paint, no dye, no artificial coloring of any kind.  Imagine, a cool, fizzy apple seltzer, a lemony-wine spritzer, an icy-cold craft beer poured into a Sparkle Tumbler. 

Drinks will keep full flavor because, unlike a can, titanium has no metallic aftertaste whatsoever!  And poured readily from that plain can or beer bottle, that fruity cocktail, that tingly spritzer gets "dressed up"  and also stays cold, for that joyful occasion, that momentous event, or even for that sunny picnic on the beach!


The MetalMan Behind the Discovery

The amazing feature of color-by-light all starts with a Japanese metalwork veteran, his chance encounter with the Rainbow Metal, titanium, and a lot of ingenuity. When a neighbor brought by a sheet of titanium with a request for a garden planter, Takuji Horie's couldn't resist the challenge. In only one day's time, Mr. Horie discovered that titanium had some very unique coloring qualities and interesting potentials for contemporary products.  But the surface of the titanium is tricky and coloring not easily achieved.  But, Mr. Horie and his team of talented craft-technicians worked for more than three years, to develop and perfect the precision surface engineering to create colors on titanium - naturally - by the merereflection of light itself.  And it was Mr. Horie's own enjoyment of beer that sparked the idea for the Tumbler Sets. 

Mr. Horie is the only metal-craft company in the world to have mastered this difficult, precision, color-with-light technology on products for contemporary life. As the veteran metal-craftsman, Horie often says, “the only one”!


The Rainbow Metal, titanium, has many unique features:

  • Light from color AND, though metal, titantium is suprisingly light in weight as well! 
  • A metal so strong it is used in medical and other industries
  • It does not rust
  • It is odorless
  • It does not give any metallic taste
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • The double-wall structure ensures cold drinks stay cold longer, (hot longer)
  • The elegant, smaller size of these tumblers are well matched for classy drinks such as craft beers, cocktails, designer teas and juices.
  • The Sparkler Tumbler Set comes in a lovely wooden gift box and makes an excellent gift for a couple's anniversary or wedding.

Product Details | Care: 

  • Diameter 70mm x height 105mm
  • Volume (9oz) 270cc
  • Weight (for 1) 90g
  • Wash by hand in warm soapy water.  Not for the dishwasher
  • Do not scrub with a scouring sponge
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