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Sakamoto | Japan

Satiny Urushi | Bordeaux Red Bangle

Satiny Urushi | Bordeaux Red Bangle

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Urushi Designer Bangle in Bordeaux-Red

Rie  Sakamoto Japanese Urushi Jewelry Designer Standing Against Bordeaux Red Backdrop

Designer Rie Sakamoto (pictured here) presents the Japanese Urushi Lacquer, Bordeaux-Red Bangle.  As one of Japan's oldest (~ 10,000 years) traditional crafts, Urushi's (Japanese Lacquer) natural silky, soft glow may invoke romantic images of a Japan long past. Yet, even today the versatile and natural pearly coating inspires many Japanese craft artists still.

The Urushi Sakamoto Studio, and generations of skilled craft artisans, continue to pay homage to those hard-earned traditions and at the same time, seek to infuse them with new, bright contemporary colors, modern materials and techniques as well as original designs to create unique women’s accessories for today's lifestyles.

What is Urushi?  Why is it Special?

Urushi Bordeaux-red Bangle with Flowers Japan

Urushi (a Japanese word) is usually translated as lacquer.  But this meaning is somewhat lost in translation! Urushi is not a chemical lacquer, but the natural sap (urushiol) that comes from the tree of the same name - a tree native to Asia. Urushi, once properly dried, is incredibly hard, durable gifting a unique surface that is amazingly lustrous with a soft, dreamy glow that lasts a lifetime.  This luster is so enduring, in fact, objects excavated from Japan's prehistoric past still retain it! It is this signature quality that puts Urushi in an aesthetic category of it own and sets it apart from other accessories made with harsh metals.

Creating the Bordeaux-Red Bangle

Carved out of a single block of Parkwood, this bangle is lightweight and slim. To achieve Urushi's signature satiny glow, skilled craft artists at Urushi Sakamoto Studio, meticulously apply, and thoroughly dry, fifteen layers of refined sap. It starts with layers of jet-black sap followed by layers of clear sap with an added bordeaux-red pigment.

Part of the rich pearly shine of this bangle, and what also deepens the red color, comes from the addition of genuine silver-foil overlay on the bangle surface. Craft artists adhere this foil by hand and specialized tools by following the generations of handed-down techniques of this traditional craftArt.

The inside of the bangle boasts similar careful workmanship and includes a beautiful, silvery platinum foil that gracefully embraces inside curves.  For the finish, the bangle is further preserved and sealed, twice, with urethane resin. 

Each bangle has Rie, the designer's signature, and makes for an amazing quality gift or souvenir of Japan.  This bangle can be matched with Bordeaux-red Urushi Earrings for a complete lovely set.

Product Details | Care

  • Important Note: Inner circumference runs about 21cm. Please measure your wrist to determine if this size is appropriate for you.
  • Designer Signature: Signed Rie
  • Material: Carved from a single block of Parkwood
  • Surface: Authentic, Natural, Urushi Lacquer | Sealed with Urethane Resin
  • Width: approximately 2.8cm
  • Weight: 23g
  • Inside Surface: Platinum foil
  • Color: Bordeaux-red
  • Care: Clean and buff with a soft cloth.  Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Gift Box and Jewelry Case: Includes a gray, velvet-type jewelry case in a white gift box (as seen in photos).

* Due to the nature of the high-end craft-making processes, individual bangles may vary slightly in color (from our website photos) and other product qualities.  

(1) Gonroku Matsuda, The Book of Urushi - Japanese Lacquerware from a Master .  Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture  (2019)

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