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Sakamoto | Japan

Satiny Urushi | Lemon Gold Bangle

Satiny Urushi | Lemon Gold Bangle

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Lemon Gold Bangle - Urushi

Designer Rie Sakamoto With Lemon Gold Urushi Jewelry Standing Against Blue Sky

This Urushi Lacquer Lemon Gold Bangle is a flowing form - like the shine of the sun on the swell of a wave. The amazing, and revered hallmark qualities of Urushi- warm satiny tones, sheen, gentle glow, high luster - can bring sun into your life.

Japanese Urushi lacquer jewelry designer Rie Sakamoto (pictured here) created the Lemon Gold Urushi Bangle as yet another bold, contemporary expression of a revered, traditional craft of Japan.Each bangle has Rie, the designer's signature.

Urushi is"Pearly"

Japanese Urushi, sometimes also know as Japanese Lacquer, is the amazing, natural eco-sap of the Urushi tree. This robust material has been part of the Japanese cultural for about 9000 years! Hard, durable and waterproof - these are the qualities that make it fit for many practical applications. is Urushi's uniquely warm aesthetic appeal that often makes it the material of choice for many crafts artists. Reminiscent of the high luster of the acclaimed Japanese pearl, the soft, silky glow, the satiny tones, the high-luster - all hallmark features of quality Urushi jewelry - set this jewelry apart from the harsh, glaring materials of metals or stones. The unique characteristics of this special, natural and traditional material make it a prized and special gift or souvenir from Japan.

How is the Lemon Gold Bangle Crafted?

Craftsmanship is the first word when it come to creating a Urushi bangle. Using both traditional techniques and contemporary processes, Urushi fine craft is one of a kind. First, the bangle is finely carved into a thin, flowing curve out of a single block of Magnolia Wood. Craft artists then - to give added strength and durability to the bangle - adhere a special piece of cloth to the bangle's surface. The bangle is then readied for the application of the Urushi sap.

To achieve Urushi's signature satiny glow on this Lemon Gold Bangle, craft artiststhen meticulously apply, and thoroughly dry, at least fifteen layers of refined sap. The craft artist applies layers of black Urushi first. While drying, the bangle is then sprinkled with a special silver-colored powder.  This becomes a reflective layer that creates this bangle's deep, sparkly glow.  Yellow pigment is added to clear sap and then the bangle is coated again. Craft artists then adher,e by hand and specialized tools, an elegant 12k white-gold foil on the inside of the Urushi Lacquer Lemon Gold Bangle.  Finally, the bangle is sealed twice with urethane resin. Each bangle is signed by the designer Rie.  For a special set, combine this bangle with Lemon Gold Urushi  Pierced Earrings.

Product Details/Care

  • Important Note: Inner circumference runs about 21cm. Please measure your wrist to determine if this size is appropriate for you.
  • Designer:  Rie Sakamoto
  • Inner circumference: about 21cm 
  • Approximate width:  3.3cm
  • Weight:  approx. 26g
  • Color:  Lemon Gold
  • Material:  Magnolia Wood
  • Surface: Authentic, Natural, Urushi Lacquer | Sealed with Urethane Resin
  • Inside: 12k white-gold foil
  • Care: Wipe and buff with a soft, dry cloth. 
  • Please Note:  Due to the nature of the high-end-craft-making processes, individual products may vary slightly in color (from our website photos and one from another) and other product qualities.

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