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Maito | Japan

Vivid Indigo-Blue Silk Scarf | Botanical Dye | Maito

Vivid Indigo-Blue Silk Scarf | Botanical Dye | Maito

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Japan Indigo Blue

- Once the color only for aristocrats and samurai, Aizome (indigo dyeing) in Japan is strongly intertwined with culture and history.  Sometimes called Japan Blue, Japanese indigo (Ai) botanical hand dyeing is still practiced by dedicated hand-dye artists who are proud to preserve and practice the handed-down skills today. 

Mr. Maito Plant-Dye Artist Japan Standing with Colorful Silk Stoles

This  Indigo Blue Silk Scarf/Stole, part of the Whisper Series, is hand-dyed using 100 percent natural indigo plant dye on silk. 

This whispy scarf  or stole consists of three silk layers:  two layers of silk sandwich another layer of delicate silky threads that appear to be "floating".  This layering brings out a depth of color, yet with a light, delicate, whispery look. 

The Hue of  Indigo Blue

Maito Design Works and Yumezaiku Dye Studios never distort natures brilliant colors and use only pure, 100 percent pure, natural ingredients - ingredients of the earth! Unlike some other plant-dye studios who artificially try to brighten nature's colors with even small amounts of chemical dyes, Maito and Yemzaiko Dye Studios find that nature's own colors are true enough!

The indigo dye for the Indigo Blue Silk Scarf comes from the leaves of the Japanese Indigo (Persicaria Tinctoria) plant, a flowering plant in the buckwheat family.  To achieve the substance from which the dye is produced is a time consuming and exacting process.

The leaves of the indigo plant are harvested and dried slowly and thoroughly in the sun. Unique to the Japanese aizome is the fermentation of the dried leaves. The dried leaves are fermented with water and wood ash lye, and sometimes other ingredients, and then carefully tended to in order to create the ai-dye substance (sukumo). The final resulting solution actually looks surprisingly more black than blue! Yet blue IS the final result. For the dyeing process, the silk material is dipped in this fermented dye solution several times, and as it is repeatedly dipped and then exposed to the air, the color matures into the deep, indigo blue of Japan. The skill and experience of the individual dye-artist is important at this point which will assure the quality of color. 

Product Details/Care

  • Material: 100% Silk
  • Size:  about 40 X 180cm
  • Hand-dyed: the scarf is individually dyed with natural, 100 percent botanical plant dyes
  • Color Variations:  As a hand-dyed silk, may have some slight variations from photos on website
  • Care:  Hand wash, mild soap, lukewarm water
  • Dry:  Natural dry out of the direct sunlight
  • Gift Box:  comes in a white gift box included 
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