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Maito | Japan

Matcha-Green Silk Scarf | Pure Plant Dye

Matcha-Green Silk Scarf | Pure Plant Dye

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Hand-Dye Artisan Maito Profile Photo with Colorful Silk Whisper Stoles

Craftsmanship in a Stole

The Matcha-Green Silk Scarf/Stole pays tribute to the hues of nature's green with this 100% plant-dyed silk scarf. The brilliant green color is achieved by using only 100% pure plant dyes. Unlike some other plant-dye studios who rely on chemicals to artificially brighten nature's colors, Maito Design Works (Mr. Maito pictured here) and Yumezaiku Dye Studio, remain true to their craft, and true to the generations of traditional dying techniques, and use only natural ingredients -- Japanese Craftsmanship at its best.  Part of the Whisper Series, this scarf /stole has a light, whispery look of three layers of silk - two silk "sheets" with silky threads "floating" between them.

Green is an Easy Natural Dye...Right?

Japan's plant-dye story is a long one with evidence for textile dyeing and weaving extending back over 2000 years! In particular the Nara and Heian periods (710-1185) were extremely rich with vivid colors that filled the courts and brightened celebrations in everyday life*.  You can read more about that HERE. Though it may seem like bright green is an easy dye pigment to produce -- after all it is so abundant in nature -- one green plant will not do the work!  In fact, the natural green pigment (from chlorophyll) from plants is actually quite weak and makes a very poor dye that discolors and fades with time.

So how DOES a hand-dye artist get this vivid green?  To achieve the unusually striking, bright green dyes are extracted from several plants and then, by a special recipe, combined. Typically this process starts with Japanese blue indigo dye and then this is combined with a bright, yellow dye from the wild kariyasu grass, a native species to Japan (yellow and blue make green!). Then, only by skill, expertise and craftsmanship can the strikingly vivid Match Green dye be consistently produced for hand dyeing on silk.

Product Details/Care

  • Material: 100% Silk
  • Size: Stole size at about 40 X 180cm
  • Hand dyed: the scarf is dyed by a dye craftsman hands with pure, 100%  plant dyes
  • Color Variations: May have some slight variations from scarf to scarf and from photos here
  • Care: Hand wash, mild soap, lukewarm water.  Natural dry out of the direct sunlight
  • Gift Box: white gift box included as seen in sample photo

* Yoshioka, S. (2010). History of Japanese Colour: Traditional Natural Dyeing Methods. Journal of the International Colour Association, Volume 5.

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