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Sakamoto | Japan

Satiny Urushi | Lemon Gold Pierced Earrings

Satiny Urushi | Lemon Gold Pierced Earrings

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Urushi Lacquer - Lemon Gold Earrings

Designer Rie Sakamoto with Lemon Gold Urushi Jewelry Standing Outside in Blue Sky

The brilliance of a sparkly, sunny day is captured in these petite, Japanese Urushi Lacquer, Lemon Gold Pierced Earrings by Urushi jewelry designer, Rie Sakamoto (pictured here), of Urushi Sakamoto Studio. Urushi lacquer's signature high luster, and soft glow gracefully embrace these one-of-a-kind, Urushi pearl-drop earrings. Fashioned out of Parkwood, these satiny earrings are exceedingly lightweight and easy to wear.

But What IS Urushi Lacquer?

Authentic, Urushi lacquer is a versatile, all natural sap from the Urushi tree, native to Asia.  This amazing, lustrous sap has been part of Japanese history and culture for over 7000 years dating back to the prehistoric Jomon period! You can read more about that HERE.  Though the story of Urushi may have started with practical applications long ago - Urushi is a great adhesive and extremely durable when hardened - its longevity may also be due to its amazing aesthetic appeal - a beautiful and alluring, high luster and a soft luxurious glow.  It is perhaps these characteristics that have long inspired creativity beyond practical uses and put Urushi on par with other jewelry material such as gold, silver and gem stones.  These contemporary earrings of a Traditional Craft of Japan makes for an amazing quality gift or souvenir.  For a unique, special set, match with a Urushi Lemon Gold Designer Bangle.

How Urushi gets its Sheen

The process from raw, natural Urushi (urushiol) from the tree to a beautiful piece of jewelry, is a long one with many steps and details -- including those that have been practiced and handed down generations!  However, simply, to achieve Urushi's signature satiny glow on Lemon Gold earrings, craft artists at Urushi Sakamoto Studio meticulously apply, and carefully dry, fifteen layers of refined Urushi sap starting with layers of jet-black sap and then layers of yellow-pigmented Urushi. Craft artists, by hand and with specialized tool, then apply a silver-colored powder to bring out further depth of color, design and shine. Finally, the earrings are sealed twice with urethane resin. Your can read more about the detailed process HERE.  For a set, match with the Lemon Gold Urushi Bangle.

Product Details | Care 

  • Approximate length|width: 2.8cm x 1cm
  • Material:  Parkwood | Pearl-drop Shape
  • Color:  Lemon Gold
  • Surface: Authentic, Natural, Urushi Lacquer | Sealed with Urethane Resin
  • Weight: (1 earring): 0.8g
  • Hardware: titanium, rhodium-plated, or gold-colored brass
  • Care: Wipe with a soft, dry cloth
  • Jewelry | Gift Box: The designer earrings come in a lovely case and gift box.  
  • Please Note:  Due to the nature of the high-end-craft-making processes, individual products may vary slightly in color (from our website photos and one from another) and other product qualities.
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