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Sakamoto | Japan

Satiny Urushi | Starry Night Blue Pierced Earrings

Satiny Urushi | Starry Night Blue Pierced Earrings

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The Starry Night of Urushi 

Urushi Jewelry Designer Rie Sakamoto Standing Against Backdrop of Starry Night Blue

A petite, luminous universe is brought to life in these delicate, Starry Night Blue Earrings with natural Urushi. With origins dating back over 7000 years in Japan, Urushi, a unique sap from the Urushi tree, has been wowing people for generations in Japan and around the world.  Urushi jewelry designer, Rie Sakamoto (pictured here), inspired by the night sky of her hometown, Aizu, Japan, presents Starry Night Blue Pierced Earrings.  Fashioned out of dogwood, these peal-drop, sparkly, blue earrings are exceedingly lightweight and easy to wear. 

Describe in terms such as -- satiny with high luster; gentle sheen; soft, glowing and pearl-like -- Urushi's unique aesthetic qualities places the material along side silver, gold and gem stones - yet Urushi continues to significantly remain in an aesthetic category of its very own.  For a set, match with the Starry Night Blue Urushi Bangle. Makes for an amazing, quality gift or souvenir from Japan. 

Starry Night Shines with  Urushi Sheen

The process from raw, natural Urushi (urushiol) from the tree to a beautiful piece of jewelry, is a long one with many steps and details -- including those that have been practiced and handed down generations!  You can read about that in more detail HERE. However, simply, to achieve Urushi's signature satiny glow on Starry Night Blue earrings, craft artists at Urushi Sakamoto Studio meticulously apply, and thoroughly dry, fifteen layers of refined Urushi sap starting with layers of jet-black Urushi and layers of blue-pigmented Urushi. Fiber powder is applied during the process further adding depth of color, design and shine. Finally, the earrings are sealed twice with urethane resin.  

Product Details | Care 

  • Approximate length|width: 2.8cm x 1cm
  • Material:  Dogwood | Pearl-drop Shape
  • Color:  Starry Night Blue (Light's amazing reflection may draw out some green tinges)
  • Surface: Authentic, Natural, Urushi Lacquer | Sealed with Urethane Resin
  • Weight: (1 earring): 0.8g
  • Hardware: titanium, rhodium-plated, or gold-colored brass
  • Care: wipe with a soft, dry cloth
  • Jewelry | Gift Box: The designer earrings come in a lovely case and gift box.  
  • Please Note:  Due to the nature of the high-end-craft-making processes, individual products may vary slightly in color (from our website photos and one from another) and other product qualities.
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