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Maito | Japan

Orange Moon Silk Scarf | Vivid Botanical Dye | maito

Orange Moon Silk Scarf | Vivid Botanical Dye | maito

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Vivid Orange Botantical Dye Japan

Nature is filled with bright, joyful colors - colors just waiting to be revealed! The art of natural dyeing brings these colors to light. This hand-dyed Vivid Orange Silk Scarf/Stole get its intense orange color only from 100% pure plant dyes. So, nature does not just speak, she sings!  Unlike some other plant-dye studios who additionally rely on chemical dyes to artificially "enhance"nature's colors, Japan dye studios, Maito Design Works and Yumezaiku Dye, remain true-to-their-craft by using only 100% natural ingredients – ingredients of the earth! Silk is often the medium for the studio's work as the natural dye does very well on it.  Part of the Whisper Series, This Vivid Orange Stole consists of two layers of 100% silk with a layer of silk threads "floating" between giving this stole a  light, elegant, and whispery look.

The Botanical Atelier

Natural Plant Dye Artist Mr. Maito with his Colorful Silk Stoles and Scarves

Any authentic dye studio will tell you, it all starts with a recipe. A recipe that combines human ingenuity, effort, dedication, perseverance and skill, with the raw ingredients of the earth: twigs, buds, bark leaves, grasses, roots. These ingredients, these make up the recipe for capturing nature’s life force in vivid, striking color.

Coaxing nature’s colors to life is the adventure that makes Maito Design Works (Mr. Maito pictured here), together with Yumezaiku Dye Studio unique. Though Japan’s hand-dye culture may invoke images of earthy hues, Japan's historical Nara and Heian periods (710-1185) were actually ablaze with colors that filled the Japanese courts and enlivened many celebrations in everyday life. Today, a renewed interest in Japan's vivid, colorful past additionally motivates and inspires plant-dye artisans to revive and experiment with the bright colors of the earth for contemporary enjoyment.

Product Details/Care

  • Material: Silk
  • Size: about 40 X 180cm
  • Hand-dyed: the scarf is individually with natural, 100 percent plant dyes
  • Color Variations: May have some slight variations from scarf to scarf and from photos here
  • Wash: Hand wash, mild soap, lukewarm water
  • Dry: Natural dry out of the direct sunlight
  • Gift Box: white gift box included as seen in photos
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